Problems and solutions of peanut harvester when working

 When the peanut harvester has a small fault, we can solve the best of the best. The simplest example, such as adding grease, repairing welding, etc. when the roller is blocked, should check the size of feed, the humidity of the peanut stem, the tightness of the motor triangle belt, the power supply voltage and so on; when the peanut harvester is not clean, the peanut harvester should not remove the net. Adjust the clearance between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen. The clearance between the hobbing and the bottom of the sieve is too large to cause the net to be unclean; when the peanuts contain more debris, and when the peanuts are sucked out, the suction outlets should be adjusted properly. For a long time, the air intake is lowered, and when the peanuts are sucked out, the air intake is raised. So the trouble can be solved easily.

1. the fuselage is unstable. Machine oscillation may be due to the fact that the swing of the harvester two hair shovel is not the same, or it may be that after the shovel is struck, the gear board presents a machine sensation. At the moment, it is necessary to adjust the swing of the two hair digging shovel, that is, the length of the adjusting connecting rod, so as to deal with the machine’s stir. The connecting rod in front of the triangle belt is used to adjust the left excavating shovel, and the connecting rod of the two vertical shaft centers adjust the right face excavating shovel. When adjusting, the harvester is lifted off the ground, and the tractor is idle, the locking nut of the connecting rod is loosened, the corresponding connecting rod is adjusted, and the rolling fluctuation of the shovel is excavated on both sides, and the two heads are deleted without touching the protective plate, until the swing is adjusted to the joint, then the nut is locked tightly.

Post time: Jul-27-2018

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