Debug of peanut harvester before use

Peanut harvester is a kind of agricultural harvesting machinery, which is widely used by farmers and can help farmers to finish farming work more quickly. Most of the current peanut harvesters have been recognized by many users through the unique characteristics of their own equipment, and are widely used in various areas, especially in the densely cultivated areas of peanuts.
1, check whether the parts are broken or damaged, the belt tension degree of the transmission parts is suitable, and carry out necessary repairs or adjustments. Choose matching power as required, and according to the instruction manual, equip the belt pulley with the appropriate diameter to ensure that the working speed meets the requirements.
2, we should understand the working principle of the large peanut harvester, so that it can be done easily when debugging the equipment. In addition, we should pay attention to different types of peanut harvester equipment. Its working principle is different, and the debugging process must be distinguished.
3, the machine is firmly installed on the solid ground to make the exhaust vent and the wind to be the same, so as not to affect the cleaning effect. The power control switch should be located near the machine, not too far, such as a special situation such as plugging in the work, so that the power can be cut off in time.
4, large peanut harvesters are installed before the factory is installed, but in the use of machinery, still need to carry out some debugging, such as whether it can run normally, the work rated efficiency can be reached. These can be known through simple tests, as long as the normal operation is in accordance with the regulations.
Although the peanut harvester has basically solved the problem of peanut harvest, the user can install and debug large peanut harvester after the purchase of large peanut harvester. It is also the only big peanut harvester after installation and debugging. The breaking rate is low and the working efficiency is high.

Post time: Jul-27-2018

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