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Laizhou Jinfeng commune, with agricultural mechanization as its starting point, builds a new mode of agricultural service with "mechanized + integrated service station". In the process of transformation, the local distributors of agricultural machinery are lacking the experience and resources of agricultural and plant protection services. The modern agricultural service platform of the Jin Feng commune is committed to providing soil remediation, quality improvement, agricultural technology training, generation generation and production and marketing docking for millions of farmers, which fully embodies the agro chemical industry. The responsibility of leading enterprises embodies the common vision of making the best of China's modern agriculture. Laizhou Jinfeng commune implements the integrated service of seed fertilizer and sowing and water and fertilizer integration, and jointly explores the agricultural problems in Laizhou. It has been established as the people's service center in the 7 towns of Shahe, Guo Jia's shop, Jincheng and Zhu Qiao and so on to build an ecological circle of 3 kilometers of agricultural service. Laizhou Jin Feng commune provides full service in the aspects of agricultural transformation and upgrading, land transfer, whole mechanized industrial chain, agricultural supply, grain drying, collection and storage, and cold chain of fruits and vegetables. Its establishment has played an important role in accelerating the new type of industrialization and agricultural transformation and promoting the economic development of the whole city. By 2020, the task of covering the whole city is completed.


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